The Fork app: New feature

Discovery Phase

The Fork’s app competitors.
  1. 40% of the participants use The Fork app twice a month.
  2. 50% of the participants give 7 out of 10 points in general experience using The Fork app.
  3. There is a good deal promotion on using The Fork app which they like.
  4. They use the app to find a good resto on a special occasion.
  5. What do they feel about the break-up emotion? Sad, terrible, heart-breaking, hardest part of my life. Here some insights that I found: ‘’Terrible, one of the worst emotional pains in life.’’ and ‘’I felt like an empty broken glass without knowing how to fix it.’’
  6. 83% of the participants said never experience a breakup situation in a public area.
  7. 80% of the participants said don’t agree with the idea of breaking up with someone at the resto. Here some insights that I found: “it’s selfish because the person that is left has to hide her emotions in a terrible moment.’’ also this It’s a weird idea. Because for me a restaurant is the place to share a great moment.’’ and this “It is not a proper place because at least we always need private moments to end up a relationship with someone because you shared life and gave your heart to someone.’’
  8. 50% of the participants said that is a very bad idea.
  9. Last but not least, some break-up stories that relevant to the project:
  • The guy tried to dump me six months earlier in a restaurant and that was absolutely humiliating and traumatic for me, I felt he was completely insensitive to have done that to me in public.
  • I was heartbroken and even in pretty bad depression because I was dwelling with the guilt inside me. Nothing I could do about it.
  • Someone did it to me once and I cried in front of everybody, it was really humiliating. Also once I had a boyfriend who got at me in a restaurant and I got just as ashamed so I would never break up with someone in a restaurant, I would do it at home, and if I’m scared I would do it in the street or in a park.
  • Breakup moment is sad, terrible, heartbreaking.
  • Need to hide the emotion in a terrible moment.
  • User satisfied with overall user flow of the application.
  • Restaurant is the place to share a great moment.

So now it’s time to pivot!

Product Definition

The Fork’s new feature user flow

Usability Testing

  • Users didn’t notice the new feature.
  • They reserved directly the table without asking for a special request.
  • Users need to get informed about the new feature.
  • Users need to have more options on special requests.

The Prototype

Try the new feature by tapping a full screen for a better experience.

Next Step



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